Face Lift Thailand

Among the cosmetic surgeries, Face lift is one of the most time consuming surgeries which involves more risk and should be taken immense care of as it might give adverse effects. These kinds of surgeries require a specialist touch and thus it is always good to look for the best option. Candidates can approach face lift Thailand hospitals for the best treatment as the surgeons here take utmost care in accomplishing the surgery at a higher success rate.

Face Lift Surgery:

The face lift surgeries are done on the people who have folds of skin on their face. These folds are mostly common in the cheek area near the jaw line and on the fore heads. Face Lift Thailand performs surgeries for both men and women who have excess fat, deep folds, wrinkles, loose skin, inappropriate jaw line etc. The technical name given to the facelift surgery is rhytidectomy. The ultimate aim of the facelift surgery is to tighten the loosened skins and to restructure the facial muscles that have lost it charm due to aging or because of damaging. 

The surgery lasts for a minimum of three hours and could extend up to seven hours also depending on the expectation of the candidate and the changes required over all. The cuts are made starting from the fore head and extend to the ear and ends at the ear’s back. The degree of the cuts in face lift Thailand surgery differs depending on the structure expected.

The surgeon basically operates the facial skin and splits the fat from the skin. Extra fat is thus removed and then the skin is extended to be sutured. The surgeons also remove the extra skin that remains after removing the fat and thus strengthening of the looser skins. The secretions are drained using the tube while another tube is meant for the draining of blood. The candidate’s face is covered with bandage for almost 24 hours after the surgery.

Post Surgery Effects of Face lift Thailand:

Post Surgery effects the face of the patient that appears to be swollen, and also contains few bleeding spots. They may look pale or red but it has to be understood that those marks and swollen appearance are definitely going to be lost in a few week’s time. There will be a sense of pain as well but could be sustained with pain killers. Until the bandages are detached there is a small feeling of irritation as well. 

Risks and Side Effects:

The risks involved in face lift Thailand surgeries though few include delayed healing, infection, bleeding and face asymmetry. Some of the facial nerves might get damaged, but these do not show any major impact. There is also a possibility of the patient getting adverse results because of the anesthetics given. 

For the best results one has to wait and should require patience. Few of the candidates go dismayed post surgery with the pale bleeding spots and swollen face. But it is understandable that one has to take rest for at least 3 weeks to experience the final result. In due time face lift Thailand surgery patients start their healing process during which time they should avoid doing stressful work, sauna and steam bath and alcohol. 

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Face Lift Surgery