Eyelid Surgery Thailand or Blepharoplasty Thailand

The process of removing excess fat, muscle and skin from under the lower and upper eyelids is medically termed as Blepharoplasty. Thailand is a world famous center for this type of surgery. Many people would like to have their defective eyelids corrected or they would want to remove the extra puffiness and the drooping of the eyelids. For these reasons blepharoplasty is the right answer not only for minimizing aging but also for correction of any defect in the structure of the eyelids.

Some people, for instance Asians are very interested in fashion would like to have a neat fold on the upper eyelid or to have the appearance of a double eyelid. These jobs are undertaken with much ease at the Thailand hospitals at a very cheap rate allowing a saving of 80% on costs.

Prospective patients of blepharoplasty have been fully satisfied with the results. Patients from Asia, who have a different shape to their eyes, normally are the most prospective patients to opt for blepharoplasty in Thailand. The latest trend with eyelid surgery is to get a neat crease on the upper eyelid. This is done with ease without any cutting or incisions. The stitches itself make up the crease that is expected from the surgery.

Some patients who opt for the crease also like to have the excess fat and skin removed. This is done using a method called CO2 laser. There are no bruises or discoloring after the surgery and the patient can go back to routine life within a few days. Similarly the lower eyelids do not have much fat and hence they require blepharoplasty Thailand way with a laser.

However, the eyes are the place that shows noticeable aging in every person. The lower eyelids would seem too puffy and sagging giving you an old and sad appearance. Blepharoplasty is the best way to treat this appearance and give you a new and youthful appearance. The surgery takes just a week to heal and you have no bruises, cuts or scars.

The eyelid surgery will correct the puffiness and aging appearance in you but it will not remove dark rings or fine wrinkles that surround the eyes. At the same time the blepharoplasty Thailand surgeries do not lift sagging eyebrows. There is another process for this type of surgery like resurfacing of the skin or a face lift or at least a brow lift surgery to correct the brows that are drooping.

Since the eyes are the most beautiful part of a person’s body it is also the most important part with which you can see everything of God’s creation. It should be taken care of with enough sleep and rest and if surgeries are necessary they should be done, avoiding unnecessary tampering with the eyes that are very sensitive and if they are damaged it could be a prolonged or a lifelong disappointment.

Make sure the blepharoplasty surgery is conducted meticulously with professional surgeons in Thailand or anywhere in the world. Clear all doubts before opting for a surgery and feel free and happy with the results and benefits it would bring you.


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