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People have different types of eyes and features, some have beautifully fixed lively eyes and other have sad and droopy eyes that make them appear sad and aged. Eyes are the mirror of the body and hence these should look healthy and beautiful to everyone including you when you look at yourself in the mirror you would be happy to see beautifully shaped eyes and brows. For this purpose if your eyes are droopy and sagging try brow lift which is the most popular way to look beautiful.

The brow lift Thailand specialists would remove the excess muscle and fat tissues that are the agents of drooping eyes and replace it with raised eyebrows and minimize the lines that cause a frown on the forehead. A process where a special tool is used to make simple incisions on the skin to lift it up carefully from the bone is conducted in a brow lift surgery.  This skin is then tightened and replaced with the help of sutures.

Risk factors involved in brow lift surgery

The surgery would take only one or two hours to complete but there can be a few risks that are involved not in all patients but some. For instance if the surgeon is an inexperienced person or if there are a few lapses in the suturing and incisions, it may result in extra tightening of the skin, creating a bad shape of the forehead.  Or it may even damage the nerves controlling the forehead and eyebrow or in certain times there could be loss of hair in the patient.  It is not purely the surgeon’s mistake for these risk factors but it depends on the individual’s health and body factors as well that are considered at brow lift Thailand hospitals.

There is no specific age

People between the age limit of 40 to 60 normally prefer to have brow lift surgeries. However, those who are younger too may sometimes want to have this type of therapy because they start to develop lines on the forehead due to extra muscular activities and stress in studies and other factors. Brow lift Thailand insists that it is safe for individuals of any age to take the surgery. It is quick and easy requiring general anesthesia so there will be no pain and it would not leave any scars since the incisions take place along the hair line.

Recovery and results

The recovery is like any other surgery which will be accompanied by pain and a bit of swelling and bruising around the eyes. With proper medication and rest with the head elevation recovery can be quickened but to a normal of a minimum of one ten to twelve days definitely.


Sometimes a feeling of numbness or some discomfort that is not permanent may occur. These discomforts can be reduced with medication and gradually the numbness in the scalp may lead to itchy feeling which may last for at least five to six months before it leaves you free and comfortable.


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