Male Breast Reduction Thailand

A well built chest is considered to be the sex appeal of every man, and it is that part that provides a good look with respect to fine looking frame. The appearance of the male chest resembling breasts would certainly be not encouraging and would discourage the self confidence of one in their appearance. Male breast reduction Thailand offers surgery to give the best looks of male chest region by removing the unwanted or extra fats from that part of the body. 

The surgery:

This problem of bulgy chest is medically termed as gynecomastia, which gives the male chest a feminine look. The name is derived from the Greek word genycomastia which means “male breasts that looks analogous to women”. This medical condition is observed in almost 40-60% men and each account for various reasons. But in most cases the surgeon will not be able to find the exact reason behind it. Male breast reduction Surgery Thailand is the best option to go for.

The Surgery involves in removing the extra tissues in the breast and might take 1-2 hours to complete. If the extra tissue is fat, then it is removed with a technique called Liposuction. In some cases excess of skin with folds are also removed and this exercise is much tougher and has many side effects compared to the first. The fat from the breast is removed by extracting extra fat by making minute incisions around the nipple for few millimeters.

If anesthetics are used then there is no pain experienced. The incisions made are mostly not prominent and are stopped up by pressure bandages. Sometimes the surgery is also performed on the nipple itself. And also there is a huge possibility of obtaining scars if in case the candidate’s extra skin is to be removed. 

Risks and Side effects:

Like all other surgeries, Male breast reduction Thailand also has some post surgery effects but can be minimized to a larger extent.
  • The side effects are more prone to the surgery where removal of skin is involved. Bleeding, infection, scars, breast asymmetry and nipple distortion are some of the effects that are expected.
  • A color change of the skin is also observed but this can be brought down to a minimal level if they candidate do not expose the breasts to sun for a period of three months after the surgery.
  • Hemorrhage and swelling is also experienced and for the same reason the candidate is dressed with bandages around the breast for few weeks.
  • While contour irregularities, blood or fluid collection and healing problems are other effects, there is also a possibility of experiencing numbness in the nipples which may continue from few weeks to few months.
  • It is very important to take care of the operated part. A complete care and rest for 3 to 6 months depending on the complexity of the surgery would render better results to the candidate. It is also advisable to take pre surgery consultation which is a vital part of the process and it reveals if an individual is healthy enough to take this surgery.


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